Today's Special

Las Colinas

Soup:   Cream of Jalapeno OR Veggie

Quiche: Bacon Tomato OR Santa Fe

Pasta:  Turkey (honey mustard, pineapple, almonds, celery, red bell peppers)

Fish: Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia (served with a garden salad with your choice of homemade dressing)

Salad:  Grilled Salmon (Mixed greens topped with grilled and seasoned salmon, sundried tomatoes, corn, red bell      peppers, croutons, parmesan cheese w/ ranch dressing)

Entree:  Napa Cabbage Mango Wrap (served with a side of fruit)

Sandwich:  Pimento Cheese (on your choice of wheat, white, or rye)

Dessert:   Coconut Chess Pie






Please call store for details: 972-869-0015